Monday, 26 February 2007

Stash shopping!!

Well i don't know where the time has gone! A couple of weekends ago i went to visit my Mum in Oulton Broad and took my daughter and her two little darlings with me.
We had a lovely time and even managed to get to the park to feed the squirrels! The weather was gorgeous and i got some great pics.
Last weekend decided some stash shopping was in order after drooling over all the CHA products on the web, so off to Artbase i went with my two scrapping daughters in tow! We got some great stuff but unfortunately the new CHA stuff isn't here yet,oh well have to keep cyber stoking!
I have even completed a LO( a scraplift of one i saw on Twopeas). Will post it on here when i can get my scanner to work (grrrr).I seem to finally be having some me time to scrap, blow the housework!!!!

Monday, 12 February 2007

Feeling Yuk

Well so much for a good start to half-term, I woke saturday morning with a sore throat and bunged up head! Nevertheless I did manage to sort out my craft room and stash and found lots of things I had forgotten I'd got! I even managed to cover a wine bottle container that i bought a few weeks ago, really pleased with the way it came out.I am going to store an empty champagne bottle from a romantic weekend away in it(doesn't happen very often so it was really special). Hopefully i will attach a pic of it here, never done it before so it may take a while, failing that i will ask one of my daughters to do it for me.

Friday, 9 February 2007

Half Term !

Welcome to my blog! I thought it about time that i actually started writing one of these instead of just reading everybody elses!!
Well today is the last day of term (I am a teaching assistant at local primary school), I can now look forward to a week of not getting up early and dashing around to get to work on time. To make things even better my darling husband is away on business in Dubai so get the bed to myself and no loud snoring in my ear!
I am now looking forward to a lovely week of scrapping and sewing and spending some time with my two gorgeous grandchildren.